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5 Tips to Improve Hiring: Optimization Strategies to Hire Fast

As companies return to the workplace and ramp up their hiring efforts, a much faster, streamlined, and efficient hiring process is critical. Companies are recruiting new employees at a frenetic pace, offering a multitude of new perks to get people into their organizations. Turnover rates had been climbing steadily in the past few years, but the pandemic put a temporary halt to that. In fact, turnover rates dropped 81% in the U.S. in the second half of 2020, down from near-record levels earlier in the year, according to a report by Bain and Spencer Stuart. Now a tidal wave of turnover has begun, and companies need to either evaluate their hiring process or find themselves missing out on top talent. 

Pre-pandemic, it was not uncommon to take several weeks to set up in-person interviews due to conflicting schedules, travel, etc. Now candidates can more readily speak with relevant individuals on the front end of the interview process, says John Wood, Vice President at Heidrick and Struggles. Working remote has provided a great deal of flexibility and candidates are able to find an hour or two in their day to steal away for a call or video meeting. 

64% of companies have moved their interviewing process to a remote one and 31% are rethinking and reimaging their hiring process. If you are one of the firms that hasn’t considered a change in your hiring strategies, it might be time to rethink your process going forward.

Here are 5 tips that will improve and optimize your hiring efforts:

1) 10 Touches or less – If you are asking a potential candidate to fill out a 3-page job application just to start your interview process, think again! The initial process of recruitment needs to be the bare minimum, with ten touches or less. Your application needs to be condensed and a mobile app version should be available.

2) The Need of Speed – Schedule potential talent within 24 hours of initial contact, respond back for follow-up interviews no later than 48 hours after the first, and have no more than 3-4 total interviews. Managing and streamlining your interview process is critical for a successful outcome.

3) Provide Options and Choices to Interview Talent – Even if you want to encourage face-to-face interviews, allow for flexibility. Have multiple options for candidates to choose from, including phone screens and video meetings. 

4) Level the Playing field – Video meetings level the playing field, giving everyone the same voice. It offers an inside glimpse into someone’s life oftentimes creating a more personal connection. Connect with them by noticing photos, art, or books they love!

5) Look Beyond the Resume – It’s time to start asking different questions and look at soft skills more closely. Oftentimes, a stellar candidate for the job is missed, simply because they are missing a few of the technical requirements or skills that can be learned. Focus on what truly matters and what is a cultural match for your company. 

Focus more on the candidate as a person rather than looking at what’s on the paper.  Interview for their value sets, and their life and business experiences. The new hiring landscape needs employers who can look into the future, focusing not on the moment but on the vision and final destination! 

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