Framing Success

Providing Guidance, Strategy, and a Blueprint for Building Your Best Business.

About the Book

Filled with common-sense strategies, proven ideas and powerful calls to action, Framing Success offers 20 lessons on the pivotal moments all entrepreneurs face and how the decisions that they make will shape their company. Framing Success shines a light on the daily challenges all entrepreneurs face and provides insights and solutions to common issues that prevent companies from scaling their businesses and retaining their best people.

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About the Author

Leslie McIntyre-Tavella, an Unconventional CEO and Business Coach

Leslie doesn’t live in a mansion nor hold an MBA, in fact, she didn’t even graduate High School. You won’t hear her talking about quantitative analysis or changing paradigms but she’ll gladly share lessons with you on how to build a multi-million dollar brand business.

They are plenty of ultra wealthy people or High-Level academics providing guidance and advice on start-ups and best business builds. From her start working for minimum wage in a basement to becoming a bootstrapping successful business leader, Leslie's remarkable life journey has led her to develop a different outlook than most C-Suite executives.

Her perspective on business - was shaped by spending the last 32 years helping thousands of people find “best-in-class" talent and job opportunities providing a much-needed blueprint for today’s entrepreneurs so they can build their businesses better from the foundation up!

"Some tips/advice from a successful entrepreneur, to create and grow your own business."
"In this book, Leslie McIntyre-Tavella uses her years of combined experience running a staffing firm and remodeling/rebuilding houses to provide advice for new entrepreneurs. She uses the metaphor of building a house to introduce the different steps in the process of building a successful business. The book is divided into seven parts, with a total of 20 chapters. At the end of each chapter there is a “punch list”, which summarizes the main ideas of the chapter in a bullet point list format for you to review. [....] Overall, I found this book to be motivational and inspiring. There is some good advice here, and although some of the suggestions are not as specific as I might have preferred, there are some good tips to follow. A big part of being able to achieve success is believing that you can, and having an example to follow, and the author certainly does that here."
- Anonymous
"Starting or Thinking of starting a business. Read This Book!!"
"This is a book that anyone starting a new business must-read. Written by a grad of the school of Hard Knocks, it is a step-by-step guide on what to do and what not to do when starting and growing a business. It’s written in plain English and the analogies to building and remodeling a structure make great sense for the reader. It will make a great gift to give to a young person who wants to Start a business from the ground up."
- Emily Panza
"Wow, before you start your next company, read this!"
"As an Executive Coach to Founders and Entrepreneurs, I found this to be full of practical advice that is insightful and applicable for anyone from a Start-Up to a mid-size company. I'll be using and sharing this wisdom and am grateful to have found them tightly wound up in this easy-to-read story. I'm especially grateful for the lesson from the opening pages, "you can overcome any odds and environment in life's journey with perseverance and the right travel companions"!"
- Steve Olyah
"Perfect Book for Women (and men) in Business!"
"Excellent book & read!! As a woman in business, I am constantly looking for advice on how to be successful / manage my own success! Framing Success was exactly what I was looking for. As a mentor of a handful of women new to the world of business, I will definitely be using/suggesting these lessons on how to achieve success!"
- Barbara
"Every aspiring and experienced entrepreneur can benefit."
"This candid, practical, personal book captures the essence of the entrepreneurial life and how business leaders can thrive in a fast-changing world. Every aspiring and experienced entrepreneur can benefit from McIntyre- Tavella's hard-won wisdom."
- Marc C. Perna, Speaker, CEO, and award-winning author of Answering Why: Unleashing Passion, Purpose, and Performace in Younger Generations
"This book is a powerful business-building blueprint."
"Leslie McIntyre-Tavella's story is as incredibly inspirational as it is instructive. This book is a powerful business-building blueprint, teaching us all how to do well by doing good."
- Alex Goldfayn, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author - Author of 5-Minute Selling
"It will help you transform your business into one that reflects professionalism, character, and achievement."
"Framing Success provides a powerful blueprint with inspiring examples, practical tools, and tested techniques for renovating your business. It will help you transform your business into one that reflects professionalism, character, and achievement. This is a perfect gift for the new business owner; a great refresher for a seasoned one."
- Chip R. Bell, Author of "Inside Your Customer's Imagination"
"Real-world advice that will give readers a leg up in this new world business environment."
"Leslie McIntyre-Tavella’s book Framing Success uses a street-smart approach to turning dreams into achievable goals and tangible wins. This book provides a blueprint for entrepreneurs and business leaders to follow on what is needed to build their businesses better. Leslie uses her love of remodeling and construction as a comparison to building a business and takes the reader through many of the lessons she has learned from owning and selling her multi-million dollar staffing firm. Framing Success provides real-world advice that will give readers a leg up in this new world business environment."
- Jack Kelleher

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