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Outsourced HR vs. In-House HR

Who facilitates your company’s HR functions if you don’t have human resource guidance? How do you protect your company from potential liability and become educated on new policies? Businesses are faced with major issues around fair compliance with employment and labor laws, employee relations issues, and the administration and management of employee policy and benefits. Whether or not you choose to hire HR staff, your company must have some semblance of structure and organization that comes from either having HR staff or retaining HR experts to handle strategic and functional HR duties.

So, what are the advantages to hiring an HR consulting firm versus a full-time HR employee? Consider the following:

• Access to high-level strategic HR support

• Reduction in labor expenses and overhead costs

• Non-biased pragmatic expert guidance

• Access to up-to-date relevant federal and state laws

• Ability to prioritize HR projects to work on tactical visionary HR and delegate administrative HR functions

• Flexibility, measurable costs, reduced overhead

If 2023 predictions hold true, companies will need to address continued recruiting issues and HR gaps that can be easily handled and managed by interim HR support. What are you doing now to address these future issues?


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