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What’s your EVP?

The workforce is currently controlled by talent, not businesses. This means that there are more employed people and few opportunities to find qualified talent. Many companies are using lagging techniques when attempting to recruit and interview talent and not putting the candidate’s needs first. Let me repeat – It’s a candidate market – Perhaps it’s time to establish an EVP at your firm to better solicit, engage, and retain talent. 

What is an EVP (Employee Value Proposition)? An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the unique and compelling organizational strategies your company offers that differentiate you from other competitors. An employee’s perceived value of the total rewards and tangible and intangible benefits they receive from an organization as part of the employment.

Here is how to create one:

  1. Survey current employees (present & past) – Find out why they work(ed) there?
  2. Define your MVP (Mission, Value, & Purpose) 
  3. What are your key brand differentiators? Why do I work at XYZ Company? 
  4. Define all your company’s best assets
  5. Write your EVP 
  6. Share it with colleagues to perfect 
  7. Share socially, internally, externally eternally!
  8. Track results
  9. Continue to tweak and perfect 
  10. Annually analyze ROI

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